Explore the world as a traveller, not a tourist, on a trip packed with inclusions. VIP experiences and first-class, insider encounters.

Cosmos is for those that adore the explore without breaking the bank. Hassle-free and flexible, you dream it and we create it.

You're a lone ranger but don't want to be completely alone. We'll help plan your itinerary and set you up with our friends. Less hassles, more amazing, that's Monograms.

Get personal. This is experiential river cruising, your way. From Europe to the Galapagos and Asia, Avalon is relaxed luxury with choices as many, and individual as you.

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Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. With our Active Discovery river cruises, Avalon offers a variety of included excursions ranging from energetic experiences to interactive discoveries. With a broad menu of engaging pursuits, Active Discovery cruises allow you to tailor your holiday to your personal taste and pace.

Active: Engaging Experiences

Everyone likes to watch the passing scenery. For those who fancy themselves in the scene, Avalon offers a host of expert-guided, yet self-powered excursions in the centre of it all. You might find yourself leisurely pedalling around an ancient village, peacefully paddling down a legendary river, or tranquilly traipsing through a storied vineyard. From light hiking to speedier strolls, these included excursions get the juices and the imagination flowing.

Discovery: Interactive Pursuits 

For those who believe that life is about trying new things, Avalon presents an inspiring selection of interactive excursions created for the different kind of “doer.” These hands-on experiences include joining a painting class in an art studio, creating your own signature confection at a chocolate factory, or tasting fresh oysters at a local oyster farm. Regional traditions come to life as you shift from observer to participant in a variety of creative outings. 


Avalon Active Discovery invites you to expand the horizons of your favourite activities with new experiences.

Explore the culture, sights, and adventures waiting beyond the shore in the most active, engaged, and fun ways imaginable. Learn some of the local language—and then go try it in a café or pub. Take in more than the scenery by learning something new, meeting new friends, and reaching new heights.

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